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Legal Questions Answered

Where can I file a divorce petition if me and my wife resides at different states of the country?2018-10-29T08:57:51+00:00

At this point sometimes divorce becomes complicated , prefer filing a divorce petition where you fulfill all the residential requirements. And also see that you have a better clarity on the court’s jurisdiction over your divorce issues, property and even custody matters.

What is the difference between Murder and Culpable Homicide?2018-08-09T06:35:22+00:00

The main difference between them is “intention”. Homicide refers to killing of one person by another, it can be accidental or incidental. On the other hand, Murder is when you kill someone by planning. Murder is a negative connotation while Homicide is a neutral term.

Can you update me about the latest amendments in Company Law?2018-08-09T06:31:43+00:00

Yes, Company Law started its journey in India since 1956, (based on English Legislations) recommended by Bhabha Committee. It was further amended in the year 2013, then in the year 2015 ( official notifications) , 2017 bill is still awaited for President’s assent.

What are the different heads under which I can undergo or start my own business?2018-08-09T06:29:46+00:00

Business can be done as a sole proprietor (one person company), under partnership (mutual agency) or by forming an association of people to incorporate a company.

How can I incorporate a company?2018-10-29T08:59:29+00:00

Company is the most preferred form of doing a business as it minimizes liabilities. In order to start your own company, complete all your documentations ( MOA & AOA), fix the object of doing the business and apply for certificate of incorporation from the concerned ROC. You can contact us for more details.

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