Artificial Intelligence: Anything to fear about?

//Artificial Intelligence: Anything to fear about?

Artificial Intelligence: Anything to fear about?

All the talks now and then speak about that whether the development of “AI” need to be feared??

As even in its initiative stage it has taken over the human held jobs, what will happen if it gets more wings to fly on..!!
However the Google’s director of engineering and notable “future teller” Ray Kurzweil, said that if the humans will get smarter, the AI will rather enhance their smartness. Artificial Intelligence is an aspect which has made our life easier and comfortable, so rather than getting a fear fact from it we should endorse it more. Right from our playlist of music selections to tracking our directions we have artificial intelligence everywhere.
Nevertheless, we should not fear with these developing concepts as both human and such robotic intelligence have different basic needs. We humans need an educated mind, and our basic needs vary from food, clothing and shelter. In this physical world our basic needs are supported by various laws and legislations. Although we have places like Saudi Arabia who have given the first citizenship to robots’, but still there are lot more to deal and talk about it.
So rather, taking up artificial intelligence as a global challenge for human or natural intelligence, we should embrace it with our arms open.

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