Online Safety: Cyber Crime Reporting Portal

//Online Safety: Cyber Crime Reporting Portal

Online Safety: Cyber Crime Reporting Portal

One more initiative taken by the government for the safety of women in India. The latest data released by the Cyber Crime Bureau suggest that every second one woman gets tricked to be the victim of Cyber Crime. It has now became a matter of practice, that now the dignity of women is been used for recreation not only in the physical world, but virtual world too. Therefore in order to protect the woman’s dignity and secure their privacy, inventiveness is taken by the Ministry of Home Affairs under the National Mission for the safety of women.

They have took a step ahead and have created an online portal which will allow the citizens to lodge complaints on objectionable online content related to child pornography , child sexual abuse material and sexually explicit material such as rape and gang rape without disclosing their identity. This portal with the help of URL helps the police to investigate with the help of State Police along with the National Crime Records Bureau to identity such objectionable content and with the help of intermediaries can remove the same.

Intermediaries which are the social media platform in accordance to the new drafted Intermediaries guidelines of 2018 have to be more vigilant. It is been stated in the drafted rules that “whenever the government issue an order, within 72 hours of the communication information concerning the matter such be provided”.

We can be hopeful that these concern and drafted rules taken up by the government can be an attempt to curb out a little of fear from the people minds while living in the virtual world.

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