Euthanasia… Moral Quandary..!!

//Euthanasia… Moral Quandary..!!

Euthanasia… Moral Quandary..!!

Euthanasia is the termination of a very sick person from prolonged illness to relieve them from sufferings. The term is derived from Greek word euthanatos which means easy death. But there are situations where some people want their life to be ended. Euthanasia can be given the picture of “Doctrine of Double Effect”, where the doctor’s want to save people from the pain and not to kill them. Very often people also call euthanasia as mercy killing but if it is thought the other way around there is a person who is suffering from unbearable pain.

So much discussions are made in this regard. This is because it raises number of moral dilemmas i.e., do we have a right to take the life of a person who is undergoing severe pain and suffering? Or, is there any moral difference between killing someone and letting them die? This practical issue led to the rise of many arguments, laws and enactments in various parts of the world.

Euthanasia not only has moral and legal intake but also religious practices consider this as a topic of discussion. Few take it in the view of “Karma” others as “moral obligation”. Indian legislation took a turning point of view where “Right to die” was considered as the fundamental right in the case of Aruna Shanbaug. Philosophers say law is volatile, it always have loopholes which need to be filled up with amendments. Aruna Shanbaug was the glaring illustration in this regard, which in itself reversed the decision of Gian Kaur v State of Punjab.

People have made this topic as the moral quandary, because many of us have a moral view rather than a practical one and vice versa. And varies as per the need, circumstances, people and places like for instance Netherlands, Belgium have legalized it, USA still keeps it illegal (except few states) India holds the nod of exceptional circumstances and so forth.

And, thus we still have the “life” of a person as the discussion area!


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